Right at the start of the formula one season 2011 we present you a completely new type of racing simulation.

Get to know the formula one race tracks as a formula one driver. Drive the F1 race tracks without visual distraction only according to your hearing and your feeling.

Individual sounds of the virtual ride on the formula one car points you the direction.

Driving on every circuit of this season and compete with other players in highscore-races and tournaments.

The highlight of each race weekend: you can drive on the original circuits against other players.

Be a Formel1 Spirit world champion and get your chance of an iPad2, iPod touch or iPod nano at the end of the F1 season.

>>More to your chances of winning

game control

Try to keep the vehicle on the course at the right speed with Controls Brake and Throttle. Use the Help button in the training mode when you lost your bearings.

game control

By tilting the iPhone/iPod to the left and right you move the vehicle on the course. Try to achieve the balance of the wind sounds. If the sound is moving too far to the left, steer to the left until you can hear the sound evenly on both earphones.